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Thursday, 2 May 2013


Are you Using Google Plus to increase your business’s bottom line?

There is no doubting the true power of using social media to improve your effectiveness when marketing online. What was initially seen as a passing fad has totally become the very fabric of the Internet, with social interactions driving almost every single website, service, and Internet platform out there today.

And while it is may be the youngest of all the social media networks, Google Plus has been able to establish itself as the second most used social media network on the face of the year – right behind Facebook. With over 135 million active users (with 60% or more of those active users logging into the platform each and every single day) and 500 million Google accounts that have been in able to with Google Plus integration you’ll have instant access to an amazing amount of targeted traffic just by using the platform.

This doesn’t mean that you can just throw up about any old thing and expect real results right away

If you are able to rise above the flood of marketing messages pushed on the Google Plus platform, you’ll be able to enjoy…

Incredible impact on your organic search rankings through Google as well as the other two major search engine networks

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Google looks to its very own social media network to access credible and powerful content to rank highly in this own search engine. Known all over the world as the most powerful and easiest to use search engine, Google is used by millions and millions of folks around the globe looking for answers to their pressing problems – many of them interested in buying a service or product right away.

The higher you can climb in the organic search rankings the more credibility you’ll be able to enjoy, and it doesn’t hurt that the Google Plus platform directly contributes to your search rank in Google.
But even more important is the fact that Yahoo and Bing also draw from Google Plus results, and while the influence on their organic search rankings may not be as heavily weighted as it is in Google, it is still an effective tool for improving your visibility.

Instant Google indexing the moment you use Google Plus

Even if you’re not trying to rank a web property specifically through Google Plus, your Google social media status updates and posts will be instantly indexed all across the Google network – contributing to the information that is pulled each and every time someone searches for the content that you’ve written about. This is the fastest way to create a very real trail of powerful credibility and boost your expert status across the industry, as well as bring new people into your social media fold through the    Google Plus network.


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Author: The Social Yeti
The Social Yeti is a happily married father of four. He helps businesses learn how to use social media to engage with their customers and increase their online presence. He's no Guru, but enjoys spending time in his cave, playing around with social media.Twitter, Facebook or Google+