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Monday, 13 May 2013


A few tips to get more from Google Plus

While most of us interact with a social media network each and every single day for a significant amount of time, the truth of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of people just don’t understand the difference between using it for social reasons and tapping into the amazing leverage it offers businesses.

Google Plus is no different than any of the other social media platforms, and if you’re going to wring the most out of this amazing platform – tap into underdeveloped markets, drum up more hot prospects, and convert visitors into customers at higher and higher rates – you’re going to need to understand at least the fundamentals of using this powerhouse platform.

Target your messages according to Google Plus Circles

Maybe the most effective tool for improving your Google Plus marketing methods would be to ensure that you are sending specific messages to specific Google Circles.
Allowing you to completely and totally segment your list, so to speak, you won’t have to worry about your blasts ending up unread were instantly deleted – or people that would have otherwise stayed on as your follower abandoning ship the cause they don’t feel a connection with your interactions – using Google Plus Circles is a must.

Not only should you divide your Google Plus Circles into business contacts and non-business contacts, but you should also try to a deeper and segment lists according to the different demographics and information that you have on them. Now, granted this can take a significant amount of time that most people just aren’t willing to put in – but if you try to focus on laser targeting all of your communications you’re going to enjoy results that those other people will never be able to see.
Integrate Google Hangouts as much as possible

This is what really differentiates Google Plus from all the other social media platforms – rather than just read different status updates or communicate through text or pictures, you’ll be able to actually set up videoconferencing with your Google Plus followers.

This can instantly ratchet up your credibility to new heights, putting a real face and personality behind the business that you are running an operating. I can’t tell you exactly how important it is for modern day customers to feel like there is a personality and human being behind the products and services that they purchase.

The days of having faceless entities pitch us and sell us things that we don’t really need – and in many cases, don’t even really want – are long gone. The only way you’re going to the able to truly differentiate yourself from all the other pretenders in your industry is by getting in front of your marketplace and being seen by the people who give you money for your products or services.

Now, you don’t have to set up regular Google Hangout dates that are running on a weekly basis – and though it wouldn’t be a terrible idea – but you should try to integrate this incredible technology as often as you possibly can to maximize your profitability.


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Author: The Social Yeti
The Social Yeti is a happily married father of four. He helps businesses learn how to use social media to engage with their customers and increase their online presence. He's no Guru, but enjoys spending time in his cave, playing around with social media.Twitter, Facebook or Google+