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Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Google Plus is bigger than Twitter - Are you using it?

In January 2013, Google Plus surpassed Twitter as the second largest social media network in the world.

This is absolutely incredible, considering the fact that Google Plus didn't even exist just a few short years ago. Its not easy to be a platform that was late to the social network party, but Google threw its entire weight behind their brand-new social network and created the system that we see today.

It shouldn't surprise many people that Google Plus has been able to dominate the space in the way that it has, simply because many (often times correctly) associate the tech titan with the very Internet itself. All of their Google offerings and technologies – with probably the lone exception being Google Wave – are absolutely smash hits, and just further serve to add to the dominance that this tech company has been enjoying for the last 10 years or so.

Study suggest that 25% of all Internet users log into the Google Plus network at least once a month.While still trailing Facebook by a significant margin – that tech company and undisputed number one social media company enjoys twice the amount of worldwide users logging into their platform each and every month – but they have leapfrogged both YouTube and Twitter quite quickly.

This means that one in every four Internet users has used Google Plus in the past month, making it one
of the hottest properties for anyone to market on or advertise through. Combine that with Google’s
amazing collection of market data compiled through all of their different services and you’re talking
about incredible leverage that you can access with just a few clicks of a button.

The tight integration of Google Plus with all of the other Google services makes this an even more
valuable social media platform

But the real gem of using Google Plus is that it has been so tightly interwoven with all of the other
Google offerings – Google search, Gmail, YouTube, and a whole host of others – that it’s almost
impossible for any Google user to ignore this social media platform it

In fact, a significant amount of Google Plus users are able to interact directly with the platform without
ever having to login. They can just click on the different Google Plus tools and technologies sprinkled
throughout the different web platforms so long as they are signed into their Google account.

This means that the amount of data and information being shared with the Google Plus network is
absolutely incredible, just further adding more marketing fuel to the fire that Google has been able to
stoke ever sense they rolled out there search platform all those years ago.

If you’re looking for an incredibly cost-effective and remarkably powerful social media network to do
your advertising on an effort to boost your business, pay close attention to the strides that Google Plus
has been making in the past few months – and where they’re poised to press forward in the coming

Here is a great Infographic about Google Plus

Where do you think Google Plus is going number ? 

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